A proxy site is a web page that allows you to browse your favorite web sites -- even though your access to those web sites might be blocked by a content filter, such as WebSense or SmartFilter. Not only will we help to hide your IP address and protect your browsing history and online privacy, you will also be able to bypass filters and restrictions from your school, work or home. Our web proxies also have some additional options which are unique to this type of proxy, including User Agent masking, cookie management, and javascript removal. We will fetch the page that you requested from the remote server and pass it back on to you. This fast process is invisible and behind the scenes. Web-based proxies act as a "middleman" or broker between the two ends of a browser/website network connection. In this way, you are kept anonymous every website that you visit. The website will only see the IP address of our proxy server, keeping your connection private and hidden, and your data secure. We have native dual stack IPv6!

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